35 Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

It can be hard to organize an activity like this on your own, so try out a Thanksgiving family feud template; you can easily buy one on Etsy. One of the most entertaining Thanksgiving ideas is hosting a Thanksgiving-themed family feud night. This is a perfect activity for a virtual get-together and makes for an interesting addition to Thanksgiving-themed team-building activities. Even if your team has done dozens of virtual happy hours, adding a unique theme like “Online Thanksgiving” can be a fun twist.

If your aim is to show appreciation and you have been looking for virtual Thanksgiving ideas to do the same, try this one out. These virtual Thanksgiving games can be played in teams or groups; whoever icebreakers for virtual meetings manages to find all the objects first wins! You can use items related to Thanksgiving, such as a can of cranberry sauce, an item you are grateful for, a football, a red item, or any fall decorations.

4 Thanksgiving Cookie Decorating

Incorporating a virtual trivia night into your team’s regular routine offers an opportunity for team members to learn from one another, collaborate to answer questions, and enjoy the process. This fun and engaging activity can help break the ice and create a more relaxed and enjoyable virtual meeting experience for all participants. If you’re struggling with Thanksgiving team building ideas, then an escape room activity could be for you.

Another quick and easy icebreaker question is, “What’s your favorite hobby? This question helps team members learn about each other’s passions and pastimes, allowing them to share their interests and connect on a more personal level. It also provides an opportunity to discover common interests and activities that team members can bond over and discuss during breaks or outside of virtual meetings. With this unique team activity, you’ll have fun, be creative and put an unexpected twist on simply painting on a canvas.

Best Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas, Games & Activities for Teams in 2023

This is a real bonding exercise for the team, bringing them closer. It doesn’t get better than this in terms of Thanksgiving team building activities. Two teams play against each other to guess the most popular answer to questions based on Thanksgiving, given to a random selection of 100 people.

  • Here is a list of scavenger hunt apps and treasure hunt clues for game inspiration.
  • Josh Steinhouse shares some great thoughts and tips on working with a multigenerational team, and how to best increase engagement.
  • These ideas are a type of indoor team building activity and gratitude activity for employees, and are similar to virtual Thanksgiving ideas and Easter team building activities.
  • In this instructor-led course, your team will be guided through a painting activity and finish with a masterpiece of their own making.
  • If you limit your practice of gratitude to November, you risk losing the sincerity and the power of those expressions.

Each participant receives a set of items that they must find around their house and return to the call in a specified time. For example, the tools available can include a mirror, seat cushions, and 100 bags of potato chips, among other items determined before the game begins. These team-building activities are the way to go, sparking collaboration and lots of laughter. This game can be fun as long as you are willing to participate with full focus and a carefree attitude. Sell it to Me can be a very enjoyable and laugh-inducing game that will push everyone’s sales skills to the limit.

Thanksgiving This Or That Questions

It’s vital to allocate ample time for icebreakers to ensure team members can fully engage and participate without feeling hurried or under pressure. Before initiating any virtual icebreaker activity, you should set clear expectations by explaining the purpose and goals of the activity to ensure mutual understanding. This can involve outlining the objectives and rules of the icebreaker, as well as providing any necessary instructions or guidelines for participation. By setting clear expectations, you can create a more inclusive and welcoming environment, allowing team members to feel more comfortable participating and sharing their thoughts and ideas. Thanksgiving ‘Would You Rather’ is a perfect activity that can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages. Alternative game options include having everyone choose a side of the room to answer the questions, making it an active game as well.

thanksgiving virtual icebreaker games

This is a great alternative to the ‘turn to your neighbor’ kind of exercise – it’s interactive, and allows for more in-depth discussion between people. Introverts will appreciate this, as it feels more comfortable to share something in a pair, compared to the whole team. But be sure to schedule an informal team catch-up from time to time just to chat with your teammates about something other than work.

If you are looking for exciting and team-building Thanksgiving ideas, a virtual escape room is a great option for you and your team. Get together virtually and work together to solve the puzzle, and escape as fast as you can! As far as thanksgiving themed team building activities go, you should not miss out on this one. As part of your virtual Thanksgiving celebration at work, you can organize one or a series of virtual team building activities. For example, you might to a virtual campfire, a round of holiday themed trivia, or a murder mystery.

Each player has a teammate that is not aware of which cards are right and wrong, and must be guided through the map by their team member. This game is fun for the whole family and even friends, although it should be mentioned that it has a tendency to get inappropriate, so make sure they can handle some boundary-pushing. Whichever team can write down the most words that fit the category and start with a certain letter wins that round, collecting points toward the final result at the end of the game. The Bingo items can be Thanksgiving-themed, such as Thanksgiving foods or Thanksgiving activities like football and napping. Quiplash can be a hilarious game for everyone involved leading to fits of laughter at the perfect answer. Rather than having a set list of cards, each participant gets to type in their response, which is then anonymously projected on the screen after an allotted time frame.

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